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The Enviroment

At Clydach, we take our impact on the enviroment very seriously. As a responsible company, we are committed to ensuring that the enviroment is our priority. 

Carbon Neutral Commitment

Our commitment is to make every parcel we deliver carbon neutral, for all our customers, at no extra cost for them. We do that by measuring our CO2 emissions, by striving to reduce them, and by offsetting the remaining emissions.

This is both in the UK and Internationally! Recently we moved our weekly Romaina shipments to Train transport rather than Air or Ship; this is because our train hauiler commits to using 'Compressed natural gas' (CNG) rather than Diesel fuel and propane/LPG, this means fewer undesirable gases are created, having lesser impact on the enviroment. 


At our farm and head office in Pontypridd we ensure that we provide and enrich habitats for our local wildlife. This includes building bird boxes/small mammal shelters, providing food and water, and other encouraging ways of increasing biodiversity.


We invest time and money into providing forms of education for pet parents, local communities, school children and industry professionals about the agricultural food chain, pet food and the Enviroment/Wider World. We do this through many avenues including talks, school visits, literature and site visits.

If you are interested in visiting any of the Clydach production sites, please do get in touch.