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We have put together a selection of questions that we often get asked, but please do phone us if your question isn't answered here, if your question is a bit more complex, or if you just want a natter!

Company & Product Questions

What’s your ethical position for the whole of the business?

To give a fair deal to farmers, customers, partners (staff) and the environment. This means not going for easy answers, making products that are natural and functional, offering our customers an informed and balanced solution.

What is the #ClydachCommitments model?

Every year we take the executive decision to take on a commitment that has a force for good on the customer's, animals and environment that we serve.

See our Commitments to date:-

2016:- to deliver every consignment Carbon Neutral

Our commitment is to make every parcel we deliver carbon neutral, for all our customers, at no extra cost for them. We do that by measuring our CO2 emissions, by striving to reduce them, and by offsetting the remaining emissions. This is both in the UK and Internationally! Recently we moved our weekly Romaina shipments to Train transport rather than Air or Ship; this is because our train hauiler commits to using 'Compressed natural gas' (CNG) rather than Diesel fuel and propane/LPG, this means fewer undesirable gases are created, having lesser impact on the enviroment.

2017:- to make welfare and provenance the key choice and only to sell to independent stores

Our commitment is to ensure that we focus on using high-welfare meat and provenance on any exisiting or new products. We've also taken the decision to only supply our products to independent retailers, supporting the 'good ole fashioned pet shops', but also give us confidence that you will get same level of product knowledge that you come to expect from Clydach.

Why are you only in selected shops? Why aren’t you available from supermarkets?

As a small company, we love other small businesses. The pet trade is often dominated major multinationals, and so we feel it is our duty to supply the good, old-fashioned pet store. Clydach is available through specially selected knowledgeable stores who share our vision of health and vitality through nutrition.

Can I buy Clydach overseas?

Yes! We ship to over 14 countries, and always growing. If you would like to order dog food from a non-UK country, please call us on UK +44 (0) 800 088 7965, or email [email protected] - we'd love to help.

Nutritional Questions

Do I need to feed wet food alongside your dry kibble?

Nope! Not unless you really want to. Our food is complete and balanced for a healthy life. Our kibble is crunchy to ensure dogs use full use of their teeth, preventing plaque and tartar build up.

My vet has said that my dog needs to lose weight, do you have a diet for this?

Overweight dogs is something that we're getting asked about more and more, and this isn't good news. We don't offer a diet tailored specific to weight loss, as we believe with correct feeding and exercise, dog obesity can be avoided. However, we offer a Senior/Lite diet, this has reduced fat and protein levels. Please do contact our Pet Experts to discuss a weight loss program for your dog.

Do you use GM in your products or raw materials?

Absolutely not! No question. That word is banned at Clydach!

What is a 'Joint Pack'?

A 'Joint Pack' is quite simply a selection of supplements that help aid healthy joints. We use them in selected products, such as our Puppy (for the younger, growing dog as they develop their bones), and in our Senior diets (to improve mobility and reduce stiffness). The Joint Pack contains Glucoasmine, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and Chondrotin. 

What is 'FOS' and 'MOS'?

FOS: Fructooligosaccharides, MOS: Mannanoligosaccharides. Don't worry - despite the long names, these are friendly ingredients! These are prebiotics which help to improve gastrointestinal health, energy levels and performance of your dog. All natural!