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Nutritional Questions

Where do you source your meat from?

We buy our meat, fish and poultry from farmers we know and trust, from across the UK. In some cases where we cannot source raw materials to the high standards we expect, we are happy to source from further afield, but Great British produce is always our number 1 choice!

See our full article on how we buy produce here:

Do you use farmed meat or wild meat?

Clydach Farm Group uses ethically farmed meat, fish and poultry. 

Salmon:- Local Wild Salmon is now very scarce and has been placed on our banned list until restocking programs we are supporting lead to a recovery of these stocks. We buy our finest Scottish Salmon from award winning farms in Sutherland and the Outer Hebrides. The farms are all audited to Clydach Farm Group specifications enabling us to give our customers assurances on animal welfare, food safety, and quality. The husbandry of fish is also approved by RSPCA Freedom Food, representing the best possible standards of care. Together with our suppliers we have developed detailed Codes of Practice, which insist on the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and quality throughout the animal’s life.

Duck:- Clydach Duck is purchased from Gressingham in the heart of Suffolk. They are reared in controlled environment barns. The birds are housed on straw or wood shavings and have constant access to food and water. We have adopted the RSPCA’s recommendations on stocking density, therefore birds are housed at a maximum of 30kg/m2. We only buy from Red Tractor assured sites. The environment in which the birds are housed is enriched to encourage bird movement and activity. The birds’ environment is enriched with straw bales, and of course, natural day-light.

Venison:- All Clydach fresh venison is produced on farms in Great Britain. Our strict traceability means we can trace each joint of venison to the farms where it was produced. The deer are raised free range, as nature intended, on the rolling open countryside of protected estates and parks. Natural flora and fauna are the foodstuffs of the deer as they roam through the grasslands and woodlands of these parks.

Are your recipes GM free?

Absolutely! No question.

Do you add any chemical preservatives?

We use rosemary and vitamin E as natural preservatives, we don’t use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our diets.

Do you offer a senior diet?

No - not a present. We recommend considering our Grain Free Scottish Salmon or Grain Free British Venison recipes. These are very high in Omega 3 and 6 (known to supple joints and improve brain function), with limited mineral content (putting less pressure on elder kidneys). and sensible levels of protein.

Do you offer a weight loss diet?

We do not offer a weight loss/lite diet. All dogs deserve good food which is packed full of nutritious, natural/ethical ingredients and healthy fats.. We use freshly prepared meat and offal and absolutely no cheap, fatty fillers. 

Clydach is a great way to feed your pet healthily, and a fantastic option to help manage their weight. Feeding correct amounts of good food, combined with regular exercise allows dogs to maintain their own, healthy body weight.

Book a nutritional consultation with our specialists at, or simply call us on 0800 088 7965

Delivery Information

How long will it take to receive my order?

We deliver everyday of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, at a surcharge*.

Standard UK orders: Orders made before midday will be delivered in 48 working hours, but usually the next working day.

Weekend UK orders: Orders made before midday with a specific date (eg Saturday Delivery or Sunday Delivery) will be delivered on that day.

Highlands/Islands or European orders: Orders made before midday will be made in 72 working hours.

*Mainland UK only.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver daily to Mainland UK, UK Highlands & Islands, Northern & Southern Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands.

If you live in a region that isn't listed, please get in touch - we have worldwide distributors. 

How much is delivery?

Small orders under 1kg at £2.99, orders up to 30kg in weight are charged at £5.99. Anything over 30kg is delivered free of charge!*

Standard delivery: Under 1Kg - £2.99, under 30Kg - £5.00, over 30kg - free.

Weekend delivery: £10.00 Saturday, £10.00 Sunday*.

European/Highlands/Islands: Under 30kg - £10.00, every 30kg there after £10.00*.

*Mainland UK only.

**Highlands/Islands and European areas include:- AB31 to 38 - Aberdeen/ Highlands AB41 to 56 - Aberdeen/ Highlands BT – Northern Ireland FK17 to 21 - Northern Ireland G83 – Glasgow GY – HS – Northern Highlands/ Oban IM – Isle of Man IV – Northern Highlands – Highlands/ Orkney/ Shetlands PA20 to 99 - Oban PH17 to 99 – Northern Highlands/ Oban TR21 to 25 – Isles of Scilly ZE – Orkney/ Shetland - Southern Ireland - Belgium - France - Germany - Luxembourg - The Netherlands.

Who do you deliver with?

We use a mixture of trusted delivery partners, depending on the shape and size of the order, and on the delivery destination. Majority of our parcels are delivered with DPD or DPD Local.

What if I am out of town or travelling?

Can I track my order?

Clydach can travel with you! Just update the delivery info, UK or Europe, and we will just deliver there instead. This also applies to subscription.

What if I am out when my delivery comes?

No problem. You will have the option to leave the box outside, with a neighbour, or in a safe place. If you have fresh produce in your box, our boxes are chilled and insulated for 24 hours, so they can be left outside until you get home.

Company Ethics & Operations

What’s your ethical position for the whole of the business?

To give a fair deal to farmers, customers, partners (staff) and the environment. This means not going for easy answers, making products that are natural and functional, offering our customers an informed and balanced solution.

What is the 'Clydach Commitments' model?

Every year we take the executive decision to take on a commitment that has a force for good on the customer's, animals and environment that we serve. 

 See our Commitments to date:- 

2016:- to deliver every consignment Carbon NeutralOur commitment is to make every parcel we deliver carbon neutral, for all our customers, at no extra cost for them. We do that by measuring our CO2 emissions, by striving to reduce them, and by offsetting the remaining emissions. This is both in the UK and Internationally! Recently we moved our weekly Romania shipments to Train transport rather than Air or Ship; this is because our train haulier commits to using 'Compressed natural gas' (CNG) rather than Diesel fuel and propane/LPG, this means fewer undesirable gases are created, having lesser impact on the environment.

 2017:- to make welfare and provenance the key choice and only to sell to independent stores.  Our commitment is to ensure that we focus on using high-welfare meat and provenance on any existing or new products. 

We've also taken the decision to only supply our products to independent retailers, supporting the 'good ole fashioned pet shops', but also give us confidence that you will get same level of product knowledge that you come to expect from Clydach.

Why are you only in selected shops? Why aren’t you available from supermarkets?

As a small company, we love other small businesses. The pet trade is often dominated major multinationals, and so we feel it is our duty to supply the good, old-fashioned pet store. Clydach is available through specially selected knowledgeable stores who share our vision of health and vitality through nutrition.

If you don't have a local store, you can order online for quick delivery direct to your door, or workplace.

Who is the company owned by?

We're a completely family independently owned entity. 100% owned by our director Callum Griffiths. Clydach Farm Group Limited and Clydach Group Limited are held by CDG Holdings Limited.

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