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Safe Pug in blanket

6 Ways Your Dog Can Feel Safe This Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night also known as Guy Fawkes, is like many celebrations, an outlet for loud and sudden noises which are uncomfortable for animals. Pet Experts remind us that dogs respond spontaneously, especially when they hear abrupt noises. 

Bonfire Night Fireworks

While some dogs don't fear fireworks, most dogs react with anxiety and stress. As a pet parent, your pet will look to you for comfort and safety. Here are six things you can do that will make your dog feel safer this Bonfire Night.

Positive Vibes

It's in a dog’s nature to mimic your every behaviour. That’s why you’ll want to do your best to be in a good mood the entire day. This could mean you’re willing to do your favourite activities to keep yourself more positive. If it works for you, do it! Your pet will likely mimic these positive moods and in the end, they will feel very relaxed.

Gentle Touch

Give your pet ample pampering by implementing a massage into their routine every second hour. You can rotate between a comforting massage, soft cuddling and gentle petting. Doing this will do wonders to diminish all your dog’s anxiety, instantly.  

Soft Gentle Petting

Try out some gentle techniques from TellingtonTouch to release their 'happy hormone' oxytocin. Some of these actions could include stroking their ears from the base to the tip. Just be sure you avoid ruffling their coat and ears as this can cause nervous reactions from your pooch, like an increased heart rate. 

Warm, Safe Haven

The safest place for your pup truly is indoors, at home. Although it may help to make a small safe den that will act as a mini-safe space for them.

Here is how to make one: Place a nice big basket or crate in a safe and quiet place, away from windows and walls. Make it comfy and warm by throwing in their favourite blanky, toys and treats. After this, simply cover the haven with a blanket, and shine a bright light on the outside. They will certainly love spending time inside their little space!

A Mindful Long Walk

A nice walk is by far, one a dog’s favourite activities. What's not to love here? It's fun, physical exercise, and their senses heighten to their exciting surrounding. 

Dog Walk

However, for this particular day you'll want to go all out give your pooch all the benefits of a longer walk. Taking a nice, long walk will drain out all your pup’s hyper excess energy. This is great news as they are more likely to surrender or sleep through the upsetting noises later at night.

We also highly recommend that you try implementing mindful walking with your pet. Breathe, be present at that moment and give them loads of attention!

Soothing Music

You may have heard it's helpful to play music to drown the fireworks out. However, it's possible for your pup to experience pain from hearing any loud music or TV shows. Some dogs can be sound-sensitive, we suggest to take extra preauction with playing any loud music or TV Shows. Although there are other genres of music you can play for your pooch, like classical music, as it is clinically proven to make dogs feel calmer.

We also recommend trying the app iCalm which soothes a pet's anxiety because of a specific sound sensitive dog algorithm, and it's suitable for all kinds of pooches.

A Big Meal!

You'll want to feed your dog a really filling diet, or something that will take longer to chew. This way you'll be helping your pup slow down their actions by the time night comes in. It's best to avoid feeding them foods with added sugar or artificial additives which can make them hyper. Instead, choose to give them a long-lasting chew or food-dispensing puzzle toy to help them stay occupied.

Small Dog Eating Big Meal

Some of our own favourite treats are our Daily Dentals which keeps pups busy chewing away for longer hours. In other words, just be sure to keep them occupied with something tasty!


We are quite sure that as a pet parent, you already have your pet’s best interest at hand. If your dog is extra nervous, consider speaking to your vet or dog behaviourist who can prescribe medication. However, what  your pet really needs is all eyes on them, and trust us, they will make it through Bonfire Night!

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