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British Venison Dry Food

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    • High levels of freshly prepared, ethically sourced, local meats
    • Complex carbohydrate; naturally packed with nutrients, low-GI
    • Added Omega 3 & 6 for added health benefits
    • Naturally healthy, functional, transparent nutrition

    British Venison from our Grain Free Range is a premium quality complete and balanced diet for pet and working dogs.

    Functional - Healthy - Honest.

    This select product contains 50% grass-fed British Venison blended with Scottish Salmon. Meat being the main constituent follows our ancestral concept of feeding - the food of the wolves. Large meat content diets are not only extremely tasty and digestible but are also very healthy... 'We use high levels of venison in our Venison and Sweet Potato recipe and to maintain a supply throughout the whole of the year we use venison from a selection of Britsh farms. The deer are raised free range, as nature intended, on the rolling open countryside of protected estates and parks. Natural flora and fauna are the foodstuffs of the deer as they roam through the grasslands and woodlands of these parks.

    For our carbohydrates we use the complex carb; Sweet Potato. Sweet potato is another highly digestible ingredient, this premium carbohydrate has a low glycemic-index (Low-GI); this is a measure of how quickly a food causes the dog's blood sugar levels to rise. Preventing a spike in blood-sugar of can prevent diabetes etc. Whilst rich in dietary fibre and vitamin A, sweet potato also provide sources of; vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6.

    Naturally occurring and added Omega 3 & 6 acids are contained within this food. Omega 3 and 6 has been shown to support skin and coat quality, added gloss, reduce skin inflammation, visual development, and cognitive function. As it reduces inflammation, Omega 3 has also been shown to help joints become more supple.

    As with all of our products, we never use artificial colours or preservatives. We ethically source our ingredients and buy as local as possible. We never use any GM or potential GM contaminated ingredients in our products. All products are endorsed and approved by Vets.


British Venison & Salmon 50%, Sweet Potato 27%, Potato 7%, Peas, Pea Protein, Linseed, Beet Pulp, Omega 3 & 6 Supplement, Vitamins & Minerals, Vegetable Stock, Herbs, Prebiotics (FOS & MOS)

Oil 14.0%
Protein 24.0%
Fibre 4.0%
Digestible Energy 347 Kcal/100g
Omega 3 2.92%
Omega 6 0.94%
Feeding Guide
Weight of Dog Feeding per Day
1 - 5kg 30 - 110g
5 - 10kg 110 - 185g
10 - 20kg 185 - 310g
20 - 30kg 310 - 420g
30 - 40kg 420 - 520g
 40kg+ 520g+ 

Feeding amounts depend on activity level, age, breed and environment. Although the above chart can be used as a guide, some need more/less.

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