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Our Environment

Our head office, farm and production facility represents the very best in earth-friendly manufacturing and these green credentials transfer easily to every bag of pet food we make.  

Biodiversity and nature conservation

We operate from several sites across South Wales.

Farm 1 & Production Facility: Clydach Farm, Ynysybwl

Farm 2 & Storage Facility: Hafod Y Tanglwys Farm, Merthyr

Head Office & 24/7 Contact Center: Navigation Park, Mountain Ash

Our combined sites extends to over twenty seven acres, bordering on the River Clydach. At the Group, we have entered into a Habitat Creation & Management Plan which provides major benefits for wildlife including new planting, the creation of wetlands and species-rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging birds

Our Water Treatment Works

All rainwater is collected on site and used in Clydach’s hot water boilers. All contaminated yard water is collected, treated and recycled to be used within the process of washing and cleaning, before final treatment and discharge to the River Clydach.

Our cooking water is sourced from the grounds of our Merthyr site. Using a borehole, we extract 98% of our water use via this method. Groundwater is one of UK’s most valuable natural resources. Even though most large cities get their water from surface sources such as lakes, rivers, and dams, it is estimated that there is ten times as much fresh water below the land surface than in all the lakes and rivers combined. Groundwater is a far safer water source than surface water because it is protected by soil or rock, and is not so easily contaminated.

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