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What Our Customers Think

From firmer stools to glossier coats, Clydach is to praise!

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We've had our Springer on Clydach feed since he was 6 months, he's now 14 months and in great shape. Great all round health attributed to immensely by his diet. The staff have an extensive knowledge. Highly recommended!

- Gary Pescod

By far the best food I've managed to find for my 2. They just love it. They seem much calmer and happier on Clydach. Quick delivery every time with DPD. Can't beat Clydach.

- Trudi Beatt

Sometimes we have to rescue ex-puppy farm dogs that are in a dreadful state. Penny came to us with a long list of issues including a mouth full of rotten teeth as well as a number of diet-related health issues. She was due to be put down but we wanted to give her a chance. Clydach nutritionist James and Callum gave us some tailored feeding advice. Penny is now doing well and has moved on to the grain free diet, has lost 25% of her body fat and is excited about trying the new British Venison! Using Clydach for our rescues means we have on less thing to worry about and we can focus on mending her soul.

- Andrew Railton

A big thank you to Callum for the excellent advice and service I received with regards to the Grain Free Scottish Salmon. 

It was a complicated and in-depth discussion as my young ESS has had some problems but since moving onto Clydach he is maintaining his weight on the food and running around like a nutter as ESS's do!

Excellent company with first class service

- Debra Wyatt

Wonderful, speedy service from very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff members.

Their food is great, my dogs love it, and the best bit is that it's grain free at a price that doesn't break the bank - and it's in paper bags that can go in the recycling! 

I will (and already have) recommend Clydach to other people.Thanks to you all for a great product and service - other companies could learn a lot from your customer service standards!

- Fliss Hope

After 25 years of breeding and showing Rough Collies, I have finally found a food that has agreed with all my dogs. I fed Clydach puppy food to my girl on her last trimester of pregnancy and she whelped a healthy litter of 4 very chunky pups who have been reared solely on this with fantastic results. From the friendly efficient staff and to Callum for all his help I can't thank you enough. To phone before 12 and have your food delivered the next day is second to none. Would thoroughly recommend this company.

- Karen Johnson

Our lab is so happy and healthy on this food. 

We noticed a difference in her temperament within days. Delivery is always quick and reliable and the price is spot on. Would never use another dog feed again and highly recommend.

Thanks Clydach.

- Amy Orley

My two dogs love their grain-free food from Clydach. But more than that, the delivery times are always super fast, and the customer service is excellent. A few times that I've needed to email Clydach about something, I've always had a very fast and personal response, and I've always felt they're doing their best to make the customer happy and do a great job. It makes a huge difference to a customer, well certainly to me.

- Sarah Moore

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